Avoid complicated or detailed pictures

Complex images look great on well-printed letterheads, but logo designs like this never survive in small-space press advertisements or on promotional goods. If you want to be recognized instantly, avoid too much detail.

Avoid complicated themes

Your customers will not take the time to interpret or decode a complicated subject, theme or pun. Don’t waste their time or yours with a challenging logo design.

If you have an unusual name…

If you have an unusual name, this will prove memorable by itself, so don’t confuse the issue with a complex logo design.

If you have a common or not so memorable name…

(Assuming you don’t wish to change it!) Bring it to life with a highly distinctive symbol or typographic treatment.

Brand values

Really communicate with your customers by defining your core proposition to them and ensure your logo design expresses these values clearly.

Key rules for Logo Design:

  • Avoid using dark colors , dull colors.
  • You logo design should be simple and clear.
  • Logo should be easy to descrice.
  • Logo should be recognizable and memorable.
  • Don’t use more than three colors.
  • Don’t use cliparts.
  • Don’t use more than two fonts.
  • Make sure your logo should be scalable.
  • Logo should be conceptwise balanced.
  • Choose your target audience a start designing concept.

    Logo Design process:

    1. Explain about Your Company and your target audience – The Creative Brief.

    2. Choose some sample Logos you liked from other brands.

    3. Prepare different options

    4. Prepare different color combinations

    5.Revise it again and again.

    4. Approve Your Final Logo Design.

    A good Corporate Identity (Logo) can stand life long for a brand.