Preton Saver™ is ink and toner saving software that, once installed on a computer, works seamlessly to save the user up to 70% on their printing costs. The product is sound and works in any environment, but sometimes it is difficult to get the message across in a quick and yet meaningful manner, on the internet.

Preton’s homepage tells both the home and business user how they can save money using Preton Saver™. It also advises the user as to how Preton Saver™ can save time, money and the environment. All of this should make conversion easy but only if the information is being imparted clearly enough.

Preton Saver™ needs to add a video to their homepage which will simplify the message to convert more of the visits to their website into downloads and purchases.

Preton has come to BearFoot Marketing to create a video that simplifies the message and turns more page views into downloads and purchases.

Stick with us and see how it all comes out.