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Social Media Consultants: How Effective Are They?

The marketing world is always looking for something new. It seems that they are always up and about to accept new techniques in marketing their products or services because every minute, some businesses are losing clients because another business in their niche have better marketing strategies although they are not really offering better options.

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Social Media Marketing: Isn’t a Website Enough?

Millions of small businesses just like yours now have websites – what makes your website so special that Google's going to find it and put it on their front page for people to easily find? How can you possibly hope to stand out from your competitors when potential customers search for your product or service? That's one of the things people don't realize about social media sites, is that they provide other avenues to help people discover your Orlando business.

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The Basics of Marketing With Twitter

This article will be going over five of the core principles and basics of marketing with Twitter. Each of the core principles will be covered in more detail following articles. The intent of this article is to give a very general look at how Twitter can be used from a business/marketing point of view.

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